The Secret Show: Join Us Now In Our Great Work

The Secret ShowDate: Sunday, November 8
Time: 9:00 pm
Admission: $5

Ryan Majestic, Christian Cagigal & Special Guest.

Don’t tell anyone you’re coming.

No one will admit that you were here.

Witness three miscreant magicians force the hands of Fate for your amusement. Together for the first time, these three brave souls will reveal the wonders of the invisible world to you and yours. Artfully clairvoyant, vaguely necromantic and deeply clandestine, our magic shows are small, intimate affairs. Space is limited.

The Secret Show is the evolving project of Ryan Majestic, a magician whose work blurs the limits of where and how magic can and should be performed. He is an equal student of prestidigitation and the occult, and over the last 15 years, Ryan has taken his act across 5 continents, splitting his time between crowded Hollywood nightclubs, remote West African villages, and being barricaded in an art galleries in Budapest. Ryan Majestic is currently based in Los Angeles.

Featured performer, Christian Cagigal has been disturbing and uplifting critics for years with his stage magic.  In regards to a recent show, SF Weekly said: “The appearance of occult powers was strong enough to leave me feeling unsettled and slightly violated for the rest of the evening.”  NY Theatre said: ”Style, dignity, and true artistry . . . a unique and genuine theatrical experience that should not be missed.”

The evening’s Special Guest would prefer his name not to be attached to the evening’s sordid events. In keeping with his desire to remain anonymous we won’t provide a bio, except to say that his work has been featured in the Whitney Biennial.

Extremely cheap alcohol will be served.

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