beachparty2Put the superfun back in superfund!
Date: Friday, April 6
Time: 8:00–11:00 PM
Admission: $7
Presented by the Hollow Earth Society

The Gowanus is a neighborhood in flux—a place where past, present, and future are colliding—not to mention nature and industry, construction and decay… So join us at Observatory for a night of good, clean toxic fun in celebration of the Hollow Earth Society’s ongoing Pop-Up Museum! Featuring specialty “Gowanus Punch” drinks and henna tattoos for sale, free comestibles, video and sound art, and performances including burlesque, comedy, puppetry, and music.

Performers include:

  • Lindy Lollipop, Burlesque Performer
  • Gretta Vendetta, Burlesque Performer
  • Eric Grundhauser, Comedian (Creator of DUNGEON MASTER and co-host of The Brain Fart Trivia Show)
  • The Great Gouldini, Puppeteer
  • Grace Baxter and Emi Brady, Henna Artists

Pop-Up Museum artists and facilitators include Stephen Aubrey, Grace Baxter, Emi Brady, Ted Enik, Ben Garthus, Ethan Gould, Wythe Marschall, Megan Murtha, Nandini Nessa, Rob Parker, Rob Peterson, Kathryn Pierce, Oberon Redman, Lindsey Reynolds, Nikki Romanello, Mike Rugnetta, Tim Schwartz, and Jon Waldo.

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