Grand Guignol Variety Show at The Coney Island Museum

tumblr_ldd50jne5e1qztk1wo1_r1_500Featuring classic Grand Guignol performances, film, puppet and toy theatre, song, dance, film and more, followed by a DJed after-party with complementary cocktails courtesy of Hendrick’s Gin
Date: Saturday, December 10th
Time: 8:00
Admission: $25
(tickets available here)
Location (Offsite): The Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn
Presented by Morbid Anatomy, Atlas Obscura and The Coney Island Museum and curated by Joanna Ebenstein & John Del Gaudio

From its beginnings in turn-of-the-century Paris and through its decline in the 1960s, the Theatre of the Grand Guignol gleefully celebrated horror, sex, and fear. Its infamous productions featured innocent victims, mangled beauty, insanity, mutilation, humour, sex, and monstrous depravity in a heady mix that attracted throngs of thrill-seekers from all echelons of society. By dissecting primal taboos in an unprecedentedly graphic manner, the Grand Guignol became the progenitor of all the blood-spilling, eye-gouging, and limb-hacking “splatter” movies of today.

Join us on December 10th at the Coney Island Museum for a one-night-only ode to The Grand Guignol and its legacy. Our evening of variety theatre was developed in conversation with Mel Gordon, author of Grand Guiginol: Theatre of Fear and Terror; Participants will include Jonny Clockworks, Angela Di Carlo, Doll Parts, Meg Moseley, Robert Munn, GF Newland, Melissa Roth, Sarah Schoemann, Shannon Taggart, Alison Termine, Ronni Thomas, and Kathleen Kennedy Tobin with a newly commissioned set by NYU’s Chris Muller and the role of Master or Ceremonies filled by Lord Whimsy. Projects include stagings of classic Grand Guignol plays, a toy theater version of Bryusov’s “The Sisters,” a harmonious and creepy rendition of “Dry Bones,” WWI 3D glass plate projection with theremin accompaniment, an installation of classic Grand Guignol posters, and more, all followed by an after-party with music and Hendrick’s Gin cocktails courtesy of Friese Undine.

Tickets available here.

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