picture-6 “…what’s most notable about Observatory is its lectures: If you have a hankering to learn about poisons or how to preserve plants, this is the place to be. The events are alike in that they occupy the intersection of history, science and art. The Observatory celebrates the eccentric and nurtures the curious; its oddities delight the eye as well as the mind.” - Time Out New York

“Observatory, or, “How many of my favorite sciarthistory bloggers can you fit in one room?” - Bioephemera

“…supercool Brooklyn exhibition space Observatory…” - Bust Magazine

“‘Diableries, Medical Oddities and Ghosts in Amazing Victorian 3D!’ Need I say more?” - New York Times

“…workshops, lectures, DIY taxidermy and mummification classes, this is by far one of the most lively, unusual, and exciting spots to check out.” - Gothamist, 100 Reasons Why Brooklyn Lives Up To The Hype

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