Surrealism and Women Artists with Prof. Susan Aberth

Nusch Eluard, 1936, untitled photocollage

Nusch Eluard, 1936, untitled photocollage

Date: Friday, August 13th
Time: 8pm

Admission: $5
Presented by Phantasmaphile

The Surrealist Movement, launched in 1924 by the poet André Breton in Paris, ascribed to woman a pivotal and revolutionary role and attracted a large number of active female participants. This talk will present a general survey of the women painters, photographers, and sculptors associated with Surrealism such as Dorothea Tanning, Remedios Varo, Lee Miller, Meret Openheim, Leonor Fini, Nusch Eluard, Dora Maar, Jacqueline Lamba, Valentine Hugo, Mimi Parent, Unica Zürn, Ithel Colquhoun, Eileen Agar, Maria Martins, Leonora Carrington, Kay Sage, Toyen, and Claude Cahun. In addition, common themes running through their work (sexuality, occultism, nature, and dream imagery) will be explored.

Susan L. Aberth is Associate Professor of Art History at Bard College and is the author of Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art.

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