The Death & Resurrection Show

Date: Saturday, January 23
Time: 7:00
Admission: $5.00

“There is a secret history to this world. Buried beneath the onslaught of civilization’s crushing rise to power, ancient rituals, whispered myths and the half-forgotten legends of our nomadic ancestors have always peeked through the protecting veils known as entertainment. From the first shamans making dolls dance beside a fire through the ancient courts of Egyptian pharaohs, the markets of medieval England to the dark parlors of the Fox Sisters séances , Acep Hale takes you on a guided tour of the clowns, contraries, murmurers and mystics that have held fast to lives of wandering wonder.

Acep Hale is a street performing magician, musician, traveler, and rogue gentleman scholar. Driven by the 19th century belief in propaganda by deed he performs daily on street corners everywhere to prove that magic still lives around every bend, you don’t need a nine to five to stay alive, and hope springs eternal between the cracks of every sidewalk.”

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