The Dead Alive: The Victorian Fear of Premature Burial

Illustrated Lecture by Megan Rosenbloom, Medical Librarian at the University of Southern California
Date: Tuesday, July 1

Time: 8:00 PM

Admission: $8

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Presented by Morbid Anatomy

*** Offsite at the Morbid Anatomy Museum ( New Location ) : 424A 3rd Ave (Corner of 7th St), Brooklyn, NY 11215

Medical librarian Megan Rosenbloom, medical librarian at the University of Southern California, takes you on an exploration of the Victorian obsession with premature burial based on books from the era, and how those lurid books inspired fiction works by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe. Megan will delve into some of the purported tales of live burial, the entrepreneurs who made safety coffins, the societies formed to protect against this primal fear, and the ways this fear trickles down into our modern culture.

Megan Rosenbloom is a medical librarian at the University of Southern California, where she manages the medical rare book collection. Megan is the director of Death Salon, an event that brings together intellectuals, artists, and death professionals to share their work in the culture of mortality and mourning. Death Salon 2015 will be held at Morbid Anatomy Museum in October 2015. Megan is currently traveling and doing research for her first book in medical library special collections.

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