The Ghoul a Go Go and Morbid Anatomy Krampus A Go-Go Party!

Date: Saturday, December 14
Time: 8:00
Admission: $13
Presented by Morbid Anatomy and Ghoul a Go Go

Join Ghoul A Go-Go and Morbid Anatomy at Observatory for their 200th annual party devoted to Krampus, St. Nicholas’ cloven-hooved, chain-swinging, lolling-toungued, child-punishing Eastern-European sidekick! We’ve emptied a bag full of children to make room for all the fun!

A mystery episode of Ghoul A Go-Go will be shown in a darkened room. Cardone the Ultimate Vaudeville Magician will be there to astound you with his ultimate Vaudeville magic. Dust off that old Krampus outfit, because there will be a Krampus Kostume Kontest with a prize for the best! Instead of a movie, this year Creighton will be showing clips from his secret stash of bizarre holiday films.

You’ll believe a reindeer can fly!

You will also have some beer, wine, and an Old Country favorite shot to warm you up! There will even be a Krampus Kake for those who are into that sort of thing. It wouldn’t be the Observatory if you didn’t learn yerself nuthin’. So, Vlad and Creighton will teach you their style of taxidermy. Creighton will demonstrate the process right before your eyes. You will then be given the opportunity to make your own critter (while supplies last) and a prize awarded for best monstrosity!

* Ghoul A Go-Go “MYSTERY EPISODE” with Vlad & Creighton appearing LIVE!
* CARDONE performing magic!
* Creighton screens his secret stash of bizarre holiday films!
* Taxidermy lesson as taught by Creighton: Everybody will a chance to create their own taxidermied critter!
* Krampus Kostume Kontest with prize awarded to best!
* Brew and spirits from The Old Country! Krampus Kake! More fun than you can beat with a stick!

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