Unbelievable! Investigations from the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory with Author Stacy Horn

Monday, October 28
Time: 8 pm
Admission: $5

Presented by: Shannon Taggart & Liminal Analytics

Strange and unexplained things happen.  For most of history, science has always disdained the field of parapsychology.  But there was a brief moment in the early 1930′s when the scientific community thought, well, okay, ectoplasm, seances and table rappings aside, maybe there is something going on. Duke University opened a lab to study the various phenomena, and for a few decades, a group of serious scientists and graduate students tried to find if there was anything to it all.  Author Stacy Horn went down to Duke University and went through the 700-plus boxes that comprise the lab archives.  Her lecture will cover what she found there, including: possible evidence for ESP and psychokinesis, the true story behind the famous case that inspired the book and movie, The Exorcist, the story that inspired the movie The Poltergeist, and other stories of psychics, skeptics and a 16 year survey of 30,000 ghost stories.
Stacy Horn is the author of, Imperfect Harmony: Finding Happiness Singing with Others, (Algonquin Books, 2013).  Her previous books include, Unbelievable: Investigations into Ghosts, Poltergeists, Telepathy, and Other Unseen Phenomena from the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory (Ecco/HarperCollins, 2010) and The Restless Sleep:  Inside New York City’s Cold Case Squad, (Viking Press, 2005).

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