Reliquary Wax Doll Workshop with Artist and Ceroplast Sigrid Sarda

Date: Saturday, October 26th
Time: 11:30 – 6:30 PM
Price: $350
Must RSVP via sigrid.sarda(at) to sign up.
This class is part of The Morbid Anatomy Art Academy
***Offsite at The Fabricoscope (41 Willow Place, #2, 11201 Brooklyn) (MAP)
Subway: Court St, Borough Hall, Jay St. Metro Tech.

Wax artist Sigrid Sarda has returned for a class teaching the art of doll making. This class will revolve entirely on the creation of a wax doll in the image of the student’s chosen saint with the relic of their choice.

The wax doll represented as a human figure has always fascinated man. In early times these dolls were connected to witchcraft, magic, exorcisms for priests, and effigies. For this class they represent talismans and reliquaries for the student’s own personal interpretation of the saint’s meaning. The doll then becomes an object of prayer and veneration.

Each student will receive a handmade wax doll by Sigrid, either male or female and in turn will learn to set eyes, root hair, color the skin tone and add special physical quirks the saint may have, an example being stigmata or a particular wound. The student will then realize their own decorated costumes for the saints using patterns in the art of Victorian paper clothes making for dolls.

Part 1:

  • short talk on the history of the wax doll and everyone’s chosen saint and what it
  • means to them.
  • inserting glass eyes
  • rooting hair
  • Lunch break
  • rooting hair, beginning of skin coloring and adding any special physical quirks.

Part 2:

  • finish up skin coloring and quirks
  • insert / add relic
  • lunch break
  • make and decorate clothing for doll
  • dress doll

Materials are included though the student is expected to bring their own relic. The relic can be a lock of hair, a fingernail, bone, anything that has meaning to the student. The trims, spangles and paper for the costumes are either antique or vintage as are the glass eyes.
The dolls will be approx 6″-8″.

Sigrid Sarda is self taught in the art of ceroplastics. She has been featured on such programs as The Midnight Archive, TV’s Oddities, and has exhibited in London and NYC. She has an upcoming residency at The Gordon Museum in London, recreating the Black Dahlia for NoirCon 2014 and will be giving a demonstration in the art of medical wax moulage for The New York Academy of Medicine this fall.

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