Summer Solstice Ritual Workshop

Frida Kahlo “El Sol y la Vida (Sun and Life)” 1947

A Class and Celebration with Pam Grossman

Date: Friday, June 21st
Time: 7:00-8:30(ish) pm
Admission: $20
Presented by Phantasmaphile

***You must RSVP to phantasmaphile [at] if you’d like to attend, as space is limited

Solstices are ideal times to recalibrate and rebalance.  The word “solstice” comes from “sol” - the sun, and “sistere” - to stand still.  In this workshop, we’ll take time out of our busy schedules to be still like the sun, and soak up its golden magick.  We’ll learn ways to carry the sun with us and draw upon its power whenever we need it, as well as other methods for increasing our yang.  The intention for the class is to recharge ourselves with bold and solar energy, and to welcome the beginning of summer.  Our time together will be filled with spellcrafting, meditation, and, of course, feasting!

Please bring:

-A bit of food or drink to share

-Any altar objects you like.  These can be decorative (Summery decor of any kind is welcome), and/or personal objects which you’d like to have charged

-A short candle and holder (votive or short pillar candle, NOT a tall taper)

-A cushion, pillow, or fabric, as we will be sitting on the floor (chairs will be available for those who need).

Note-taking is welcome.  This workshop is open to men and women, novices and advanced practitioners alike.

Pam Grossman is an independent curator, writer, and lifelong student of magical practice and history.  She is the creator of Phantasmaphile, a blog which specializes in art and culture with an esoteric or fantastical bent, and Associate Editor of Abraxas Journal.  Her group art shows, Fata Morgana: The New Female Fantasists, VISION QUEST, Alchemically Yours, and Sigils & Signs have been featured by such outlets as Art & Antiques Magazine, Boing Boing, CREATIVE TIME, Time Out New York, Reality Sandwich, Juxtapoz, Arthur, 20×200,, and Neil Gaiman’s Twitter.  She is a co-founder of Observatory, where her programming aims to explore mysticism via a scholarly yet accessible approach.

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