The Art and Science of Preserving Animal Specimens at Home…D.I.Y Style!

Photo by Elaine Duigenan, bat specimen from The Hunterian Museum; from her “Mysteries of Generation” series. More here:

Lecture and Wet Specimen Workshop with Susan Jeiven
Date: Monday, February 25

Time: 7 PM - 9 PM
Admission: $75
Presented by Morbid Anatomy
***Must RSVP to Laetitia [at] to be added to class list; 15 person limit
This class is part of the Morbid Anatomy Art Academy

In this class, Susan Jeiven-instructor of our popular Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy Class-will teach students the arcane art of wet specimens, or organic material suspended in liquid preservative such as formalin, with the aim of preserving that within for ongoing study and contemplation. These stunning artifacts fill natural history, medical and anatomy museums; deceptively simple to the eye, they, in fact, demand special skills to do properly. These skills are generally taught only in professional apprenticeships rather than classes for the general public.

Tonight’s class will begin with a brief illustrated lecture showcasing the history of artful preparations, featuring such artists of the specimen as 17th century doctor, dissector, museologist, and wet specimen innovator Frederik Ruysch. Following, Jeiven will lead students in the creation of their very own wet specimen in a vintage jar. Students will also learn to make beautiful labels with waterproof ink using the classic scientific system. All students will leave class with their own finished piece, and the knowledge to source their own materials and create their own pieces in the future. They will also learn how to care for and maintain their pieces.

All materials will be provided, and all animals are ethically sourced.

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