Bone Making for One Million Bones

Come help us make bones.

Date: Tuesday, November 20
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Donation: $3
Presented by: Borderline Projects
On Tuesday, November 20 we will get together to collaborate with One Million Bones‘ Project of bringing 1,000,000 bones to Washington DC. Come donate some of your time and creativity, and it will help raise money to fund releif work in Congo and Sudan. We will guide you through the process of making the bones. You can make as many bones as you want, and each bone we collect will trigger a $1 donation from the Bezos Family foundation. We will also show two short videos to understand the meaning and importance behind this initiative.


About One Million Bones
One Million Bones is a social arts practice that uses education, hands-on art making and large-scale public art installations to raise awareness of mass atrocities and conflict-related crises happening today in Congo, Sudan, Burma, and Somalia. Working at the intersection of art and activism, it brings the power of the arts to the human rights movement by introducing youth and the general public to overwhelming issues in a positive, action-oriented way. In this particular initiative, we are collecting one million artwork bones to lay out on the National Mall in Washington D.C. to raise awareness of these issues and to ask our government to take action. Each bone made raises a $1 donation from the Bezos Family foundation for CARE’s relief work in Congo and Sudan. For more information, visit their website at: or like them on Facebook:

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