Sicilian Sex Ghosts AND Morbid Anatomy Birthday Party

An illustrated lecture and Slideshow by Empire of Death author Dr. Paul Koudounaris with Music and Cocktails by Friese Undine and thematic baked goods by Rachel Ridout
Date: Tuesday December 11
Time: 8:00
Admission: $12
Produced by Morbid Anatomy

Do you like sex? Do you like Death? Do you like Sicilians? Do you like Morbid Anatomy, alcohol, birthday parties, thematic cakes and music? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please join author/photographer of Empire of Death Dr. Paul Koudounaris, as he presents an in-depth lecture with full slideshow on the Sex Ghosts of the Palermo Catacombs for an evening’s spectacular which will also serve as the birthday party for Morbid Anatomy‘s Joanna Ebenstein.

Over 400 years ago, the monks of Palermo’s Capuchin monastery began mummifying their own brothers and prominent local citizens, and displaying their bodies in subterranean galleries. The result was one of the world’s most haunted sites. But many of these ghosts were not content to simply roam the passageways rattling chains-death had apparently not quelled their sexual appetites, and with libidos in overdrive they took to the streets of the city to fulfill their lecherous needs. Dr. Koudounaris will explore this fascinating folklore in a uniquely bizarre lecture, illustrated with his own photographs of the mummies still preserved in Palermo.

Come for the lecture, and linger for the party, which will feature Music and Cocktails by Friese Undine and morbid baked goods by the lovely Rachel Ridout.

Dr. Paul Koudounaris holds a PhD in Art History (UCLA) and has taught classes at numerous universities and published in magazines throughout the world. He is the author of The Empire of Death, the first illustrated history of charnel houses and religious sanctuaries decorated with human bone. Named one of the ten best books of 2011 (London Evening Standard), it has garnered international attention for its combination of unique historical research and stunning photography.

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