Nevada Rose: Inside the American Brothel: Illustrated Lecture and Book Signing with Photographer Marc McAndrews

Illustrated Lecture and Book Signing with Photographer Marc McAndrews, Nevada Rose: Inside the American Brothel
Date: Thursday, October 4
Time: 8:00
Admission: $5
Produced by Morbid Anatomy

“…the themes are more prosaic than one might expect from a book about sex as industry, and they’re profoundly American. With “Nevada Rose,” Mr. McAndrews presents a story about work, commerce, capitalism and community. Mr. McAndrews was as interested in the landscape, the spaces, the mundane, the untouchables and staff members — as he was in the kinky and the taboo.”
New York Times

Photographer Marc McAndrews spent five years living in and photographing “the landscape, the spaces, the mundane, the untouchables and staff members” of every legal brothel in the state of Nevada. One hundred and eighty nine of these stunning photographs, ranging in content from the prosaic to the sensational, are featured in his new book Nevada Rose: Inside the American Brothel. 

Tonight, we invite you to join Mr. McAndrews for an illustrated lecture in which he will show many of these fabulous photographs, and share the stories behind them: what was it like living and working inside the Nevada brothels, how did he get access for the first time and what were his interactions like with the women, owners and customers. Books will also be available for sale and signing.

Marc McAndrews grew up in Reading, Pa. He received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 1998. Marc’s love of photography began when he received his first Polaroid camera from his Grandmother when he was 5 years old and he immediately began using it as a means of distraction during his family’s long drives on vacation every year. Photography and long car rides would become themes in Marc’s life. After returning from living and working in Europe, Marc began traveling the country, concentrating on photographing and documenting American culture.

It was through these travels that Marc began his book project, Nevada Rose which captures the places and personalities of Nevada’s legal brothels. His work has been seen in the New York Times and magazines such as Interview, Time, Stern, D Magazine, The Observer, Inc., Exit, Fortune Small Business, Marie Claire South Africa and many others. Marc was a recipient of the Magenta Art Foundation’s 2006 “Flash Forward” award. Nevada Rose was nominated for the 2009 NY Photo Awards and was an official selection for the 2009 and 2011 Lucie Awards. His series “JROTC” and “Girl Scouts” (part of the larger “American Youth” project) were official selections for the 2009 and 2011 Lucie Awards. He’s lectured at The New School, Sarah Lawrence, New York’s International Center for Photography, Rutgers University, St. Mark’s Bookshop, The Museum of Sex and many other places His first monograph, Nevada Rose, was published by Umbrage Editions May 2011.

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