Hard-On My Sleeve: Absurdist-Prosthetic Cabaret

homs2By Olivia Warner and Collaborators
Date: Friday, December 16
Time: 8:00 PM
Admission: $5
Presented by the Hollow Earth Society

A loose collective of Brooklyn artists, musicians and deviants present to you “Hard-On My Sleeve,” a show featuring bizarre, esoteric, and outlandish strap-on harnesses. The show is arranged in a few short vignettes, each scene depicting a painstakingly crafted harness in a cabaret of prosthesis. The vignettes take from myth, the bible, plant biology, ritual, and art history. The departure of utility from fantasy is pervasive through out these pieces, as the harnesses become detached from their original purpose. This show explores the play between body part and body fiction, and the shifts in role and representation.

The costumes are designed and executed by Olivia Warner. Olivia graduated from University of California Santa Cruz in Literature, and has very, very little formal training in sewing and design. She has worked with many theaters companies, circuses and performance artists from the tide pools of California to cesspools of New York City. You can view some of her previous shows at http://hovensaoil.wordpress.com/

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