From Baphomet to Marlene Dietrich: Traversing the Boundless - Modes of Transgression and Transcending Duality

marlene_dietrich_gallery_4An illustrated presentation by Frater Puck
Date: Thursday, August 11th
Time: 8pm
Admission: $5
Presented by Phantasmaphile

Tonight, Frater Puck will present a brief, illustrated discourse on methods of the exploration of taboos, boundaries, and cognition itself, as intimated in Art, Culture and the Occult.

From Aleister Crowley’s Abbey of Thelema, to the Aktionists in Austria, an impulse to revolutionize Society through the transmutation of the Taboo, and the unification of Opposites, exists among the vanguard in fields of Art and Occultism. This transmutation begins with the individual, however, and this impulse hints at an integral desire to transcend all limitations. Fascination with the Androgyne, be it personified by Marlene Dietrich, or Baphomet, speaks to this innate impulse. This lecture explores these implications and ventures to discuss practical application towards the Great Work.

Bio: Frater Puck has been a member of Ordo Templi Orientis for 17 years and has proudly served locally, regionally and nationally his brethren in the Cause of Freedom. He has served as Treasurer of Tahuti Lodge in New York City (1995 EV – 2000 EV) and Master of Tahuti Lodge (2000 EV – 2005 EV). From 2000-2010 EV, he has been a member of the Membership Committee and Committee of Four of Tahuti Chapter R&C. He has been a Chartered Initiator and Ordained E.G.C. Priest since 1998 EV and is a Certified Initiator Trainer. He is a member of the Mentorship Program as well.

He is currently a co-organizer and co-host of the OTO USGL Podcast, Thelema NOW!, and is a co-organizer and co-founder of the Musicka Mystica Maxima Festival, arranged under the Auspices of the OTO, bringing together a diverse group of Occultists and Musicians.

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