Substructure Superstructure Exhibition


Friese Undine "Substructure Superstructure" Ink and enamel on aluminum, 2007

Substructure Superstructure: An Art Exhibit by Friese Undine
Opening Party: Friday, August 20th, 9:30 PM
Following the Angels, Animals and Cyborgs event
ON VIEW: August 2 - September 5
HOURS: Saturday and Sunday, 12-6 or by appointment; please email to make appointment.
PLEASE NOTE: Enter via Proteus Gowanus

The pictures in Substructure Superstructure consider the questions and presumed tensions in our relationship to the man-made world. The exhibit proposes that our machines and technologies are merely extensions of ourselves and express basic desires and anxieties which are in fact older than human history. In this view, even residual, half-evolved primitive impulses are materialized in our cutting-edge devices and dramatized in the virtual world.

Technically, the works in Substructure Superstructure are made by engraving drawings on aluminum which are then shaded with enamel spray paint. These common materials have produced images which closely resemble the classic etching techniques of drypoint and aquatint.

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